Best Dog Backpack Carrier

Best Dog Backpack Carrier
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Last Updated: January 05, 2023

When picking out a dog carrier backpack, you want something safe, durable, and comfortable for you and your pup–and at a reasonable price. To help you find the right backpack carrier, we purchased and tested a few of the best Dog Backpack Carriers available and we chose Petsfit Comfort Dog Backpack as our favorite for its fantastic quality, affordable price point, and comfortable fit. Watch the above video and read below the full details of our testing of these popular Dog Backpack Carriers.

Best Products Best Dog Backpack Carrier

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Best Overall
Petsfit Dog Backpack Carrier
Petsfit Dog Backpack Carrier Best Overall
on petsfit
  • What we Like
  • Durable construction
  • Bottom is sturdy
  • Good for cats too
  • With roomy space
  • Perfect for cats, dogs bunny up to 22lbs/10kg
  • Equipped with a firmly reinforced structure
  • Removable cosy mat for easier cleaning
  • 4 mesh windows give your pet great air circulation
  • Durable lockable zipper (in opening) and a build-in safety belt
  • Made of extra durable 600D Oxford Cloth
  • Easy to fold, double side pockets can store food
  • What we Dislike
  • Only 1 color option
  • Available in 1 size only
Product Details
Weight Capacity Up to 22 lbs
Safety 4 mesh windows give your pet great air circulation and visibility on the go
Strap Design Adjustable shoulder pad to reduce stress and improve comfort
Material Polyester
Sizes 1
Our Review

Petsfit Dog Backpack Carrier Easy-Fit Pet Travel Backpack Carrier is hands down our favorite! We loved this because it seems really sturdy and it was really comfortable for us to wear. It didn’t feel like we had to adjust how we were walking to make sure that our dog wasn’t going to be bounced around in the back. Our dog seemed to have a nice support on the bottom as well. This carrier is also great because it was made to last while also keeping your pet safe and comfortable. This dog carrier is also very spacious which is perfect if your cats, dogs or bunnies weigh up to 22lbs/10kg. This backpack carrier comes with a shoulder strap, waist and chest buckle which helps to reduce the burden and keeps the shoulder straps from slipping while your pet is moving. Overall, we would recommend this backpack. It’s sturdy, visually appealing, and roomy. The quality for the price on this was outstanding and smooth sailing so far.

Best for Versatile
Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Backpack Carrier
Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Backpack Carrier Best for Versatile
on natuvalle
  • What we Like
  • 6-in-1 design for versatile use
  • High Quality Stylish 600 Denier Oxford fabric
  • Reinforced stitching’s
  • Reinforced zippers
  • Thick mesh
  • Super Sturdy Patented Flexible Frames
  • Seat belt loops
  • Inside leash
  • Security zipper locks
  • 4 high ventilation meshes
  • Walk through doors
  • ID photo tag
  • Reflective stripes
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • "Best in the industry" money back guarantee
  • Recommend to wear as front pack for better control
  • What we Dislike
  • Only 1 color option
  • High price point
  • Quality control issues
  • Not Airline Approved but may fit under some airline seats (XS, S & M are ok)
Product Details
Weight Capacity Up to 22 lbs
Safety 4 High quality meshes
Strap Design Reflective straps
Material High Quality Stylish 600 Denier Oxford fabric
Sizes 4 (Extra Small
and Large)
Our Review

Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack is made from high-quality durable fabric. It comes with a photo ID tag, reflective security straps, walk through door and two pockets. Our advice is that you secure your dog with the inside leash so it does not escape when the doors are open. This carrier has Walk-Through-Doors, so you don’t need to push your dog in or pull it out backwards -Simply let your pet walk in and walk out. Excellent as your pet’s home away from home on vacations. This carrier is also great for car rides, because it has straps to seatbelt the carrier in the car. We would recommend that you wear this as a frontpack rather than a backpack because we feel that it gives you better control in the way this carrier is designed. It’s designed to fit under almost any airline seats in a snap. You just need to of course, check with whichever airline you’re flying with first to make sure it meets the regulations. Price is out a little out there, but we must say that these are one of the best carriers we’ve ever had! The Fabric is thick and super strong, it shows that the construction was thought through and functional. If you’re looking for something durable and versatile, this is the carrier for you!

Best for Security
Snoozer Roll Around 4-in-1 Pet Carrier
Snoozer Roll Around 4-in-1 Pet Carrier Best for Security
Review manufacturer snoozerpetproducts
on snoozerpetproducts
  • What we Like
  • 3 sizes
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Multi-stage telescope handle
  • Mesh on three sides
  • Converts into a pet backpack, wheeled carrier, car seat, and bed
  • Available in Red, Khaki and Black
  • Great for traveling with dogs and cats
  • What we Dislike
  • Very high price point
  • Cumbersome as a backpack
  • Sizes vary considerably
Product Details
Weight Capacity Up to 30 lbs
Safety Mesh on three sides
Strap Design Converts into a pet backpack
wheeled carrier
car seat
and bed
Material Plastic frame
sturdy mesh sidings
stitched fabric throughout and sherpa padding
Sizes 3 (Small
and Large)
Our Review

Snoozer Roll Around 4-in-1 Pet Carrier is for the go-everywhere pet! It’s a backpack. It’s a rolling carrier. It’s a carry-on. It’s a car seat. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of pet carriers! This carrier was designed to take small dogs, cats, and other pets of up to 30 pounds with you on planes, trains, automobiles, subways, and more. Although since it has smaller wheels, we don’t recommend that you would use this to pull your dog through a field or some place bumpy, if you might be planning to have a picnic or some type of event. We would say this carrier is best for using on a nice smooth surface. But then again, this carrier has nice netting and breathability and you can very easily pull out the backpack straps and wear it on your back if needed. We know how much travel can be stressful for our dogs, but we found that this carrier can help reduce anxiety. You can expect that you can enjoy your travels more with a calmer and happier dog. We highly recommend this carrier if you have it saved, buy it! Yes, we understand it is on the expensive side but it’s simply worth it and the quality is outstanding. Traveling is a breeze with this carrier, we promise you! It’s simply one of the best pet carriers around!

Best for Hiking
K9 Sport Sack AIR Backpack Carrier
K9 Sport Sack AIR Backpack Carrier Best for Hiking
on k9sportsack
  • What we Like
  • 4 color options
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can be converted to different bag types
  • Adjustable side pockets
  • Take Your Dog Anywhere
  • Full Side Ventilation
  • Comfortable Straps For Hiking, Biking, Outdoor Activities
  • Easy-pull Zipper With D-ring For Collar Hook Up Safely Secures Your Dog
  • Extra Long Sternum Strap With Whistle Clip
  • What we Dislike
  • Lack of storage
  • Don't have sturdy bottom
  • Only fabric bottom
Product Details
Weight Capacity Up to 30 lbs
Safety D-ring for secure collar hook-up
easy-pull zipper
and breathable microfiber
Strap Design Two mesh-lined
should straps
Material Nylon straps
plastic buckles
mesh lined should straps
fully ventilated sides
Sizes 4 (Extra Small
and Large)
Our Review

K9 Sport Sack | Dog Carrier Adjustable Backpack has full side ventilation with an easy-pull zipper with a D-ring for collar hook up that safely secures your dog. It has an extra long sternum strap with a whistle clip. The one thing that made us uncomfortable about this is that, it had just a fabric bottom. Basically your dog put it’s paws through some holes then they’re supposed to wrap their paws around your shoulder. Imagine, it’s as though you’re giving them a piggback ride. This carrier is not very comfortable as we would like it to be and not made for all dogs. It definitely varies for each dog, but this carrier in our opinion is suited more for lighter and smaller breeds. This is a great option to use if you plan to take your dog with you when you go out for a ride on your bike to the beach or riding on your motorcycle.

Best Products Best Dog Backpack Carrier
Product Name Best for Rate
Petsfit Dog Backpack Carrier Best Overall 9.2
Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Backpack Carrier Best for Versatile 8.8
Snoozer Roll Around 4-in-1 Pet Carrier Best for Security 8.2
K9 Sport Sack AIR Backpack Carrier Best for Hiking 7.1

How To Choose

When picking the perfect backpack carrier for you and your dog, there are many factors to keep in mind. Because every dog is unique in size, we’ve opted to look at the more general features of the backpack harness in order to help you decide which one to go with. We also thought it was important to only include those with a lot of feedback and have been tested by real owners.

Weight Capacity
Picking a backpack that can support your dog is very important. Make sure you know your dog’s weight and size before you start to shop! Many carriers are optimized for specific sizes, so spare yourself the disappointment of finding the perfect pack only to discover that it just won’t fit by knowing exactly what you’re looking for from the get-go.

Keep in mind that you may be able to physically fit your dog into a carrier under its weight class–but it doesn’t mean you should. In an ideal world, your dog will sit comfortably within the range a carrier is approved for. If your pup is above (or even maxes out) the weight capacity, you may run into problems down the road with breaking or tearing. For this reason, we have listed max weights and how well the backpacks hold up.

This is very important. Ensuring your dog has good ventilation while in the carrier can’t be overstated. The last thing we want is for you to go hiking and then find out that your dog is hyperventilating due to lack of air. Likewise, a good carrier will have safety leashes in place to make sure that, even if the flap is opened, your pup won’t escape halfway through your travel.

Strap Design
Even the daintiest teacup-sized pups can feel heavy overtime. To spare yourself pain down the road, pay attention to the backpack straps. In this category, we’re looking at fit (is it like a traditional backpack, or more of a sling?), padding, security (are there additional chest and waist straps?), and any other special features called out by the manufacturer.

It might seem basic, but material is always critical to determining quality and durability. To know what the ideal material is for your specific needs, you should know the circumstances in which you plan to use the carrier–for example, on hikes, you want something soft but durable.

Some carriers are specifically designed with only one size of dog in mind, while others have a wide range of sizes to accommodate more kinds of pups. In this section, we list out how many sizing options are offered to give you a sense of the specific backpack’s flexibility.

Back-Facing, Front-Facing, & Rolling

How do you want to carry your pup? Are you looking for traditional back-facing backpack, or do you want your pup to chill on your stomach? Or, would you prefer roll your little guy alongside you? All three styles come in handy for different situations. Below, we’ve gone into when you’d might like each.

This type of backpack carrier is what you would consider when you think of your typical backpack. Most on the market are supported with shoulder straps and have side mesh panels for air ventilation. If you are going to be moving from indoors to out, starting and stopping, and have a medium-weight dog, this is a solid choice.

This is the “kangaroo” option of backpack carriers. If you have a little dog and/or plan to do hiking, this is a very popular option. For hikers, carrying your dog in the front means you can still wear your traditional hiking pack on your back. For other owners, a front-facing pack lets you keep a close eye on your pup at all times, giving a stronger sense of security.

A rolling carrier resembles a suitcase with wheels and often has the option to be carried like a backpack (although they tend to be optimized for rolling and are not the most comfortable for carrying). These are convenient if you don’t want the constant pressure on your back over an extended period of time–for example, in airports. Unfortunately, it’s also important to keep in mind that you can’t easily take rolling carriers on stairs or outdoors.

Flying With Your Dog

All airlines have different guidelines on the proper way to bring a pet on board, so be sure to check your airline’s rules here. But regardless, there are always two things to keep in mind: the carrier should be comfortable for you to carry and should fit under the seat in front of you.

Some backpack carriers are designed specifically for airplane travel and others try to use it as a marketing trick but don’t follow through. Overall, we’ve taken this into account and have scoured through the reviews to ensure that the ones that claim to be excellent for flying actually live up to that standard.

Likewise, we wanted to compile the links for the most common American airlines so that you could see these guidelines for yourself. The last thing you want to do before flying with your dog is to find out that the traveling carrier won’t work.



American Airlines





Hiking and Traveling Outdoors

We all know it’s fun to let your dog off leash and explore all the wonders of nature, but that isn’t always safe nor is it the right choice for every dog. More time than not, it’s better to just bring the right kind of equipment and carry your dog alongside you so that they can take it all in.

Many of the carriers designed for hiking will have additional support straps for the chest and waist. Another factor to keep in mind is ventilation–nobody wants a sweaty back if it can be helped! Plus, it is essential that you and your pup stay cool and don’t overheat.

Adventure Time

Being prepared with the proper backpack carrier can make taking your dog on trips a breeze. With the proper fit and great ventilation, you and your dog could go almost anywhere together.

We hope that this guide has helped you pick the backpack carrier for your needs! Be sure to let us know which one you went with to go on your adventures.