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Finding the best products for you pet is hard! We try to make it easy by painstakingly buying, testing, and reviewing all the products your pets could ever want so you don’t have to go through the trouble of buying products that aren’t up to what your pet deserves.

The products we review are tested on real dogs right here in Raleigh, NC, we put pet products to the test so you don’t have to.

Our team

photo of Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn

Chief Editor

Tara Lynn used to be a full-time WRAL reporter but she left a few years ago to grow her photography business.

She still pops up on TVs in Raleigh, NC sometimes filling in as an anchor on Raleigh’s WRAL news station.

Tara is the owner of Tara Lynn & Co. Photo where she brings creative projects to life as a visual storyteller for pets, families and professionals.

Tara specializes in pet and commercial photography.

photo of Steph Coelho

Steph Coelho


Steph Coelho is a professional writer, editor, and creative consultant with years of experience creating and developing various forms of content, including reported works, sponsored content, and marketing materials.

She specializes in health writing, but also has experience with other subject matter.

Her bylines have been featured on sites like The Washington Post, Healthline, Everyday Health, Medical News Today, Greatist, Well+Good, WebMD, and more.

photo of Dr. Nelva J. Bryant, DVM, MPH

Dr. Nelva J. Bryant, DVM, MPH


Dr. Nelva Bryant is a DVM and former LCDR in the U.S. Public Health Service with over 27 years of professional experience. Now working in the airline industry, her goal is to enhance pet travel by advocating for animal welfare, educating, and ensuring veterinary supervision.


  • Veterinarian with 27+ years of experience in the field
  • Licensed since 1993 and able to practice in Georgia and New York
  • USDA Accredited (Category 1) and a retired LCDR from the U.S. Public Health Service, having served over 10 years at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Held various positions at the CDC, including Quarantine Veterinary Medical Officer, Veterinary Public Health Consultant, and Chief Veterinary Pathologist
  • Currently working in the airline industry as an in-house Veterinarian at Delta Air Lines and offering consultative services
  • Completed training in Live Animal Transportation at the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Active member of multiple Executive Council/Advisory Board Committees and the American Veterinary Medical Association.



Dr. Bryant’s veterinary journey is unconventional. After graduating from veterinary college and spending a year in clinical practice, she decided to pursue veterinary pathology. She received further training and joined the U.S. Army for three years before transferring to the U.S. Public Health Service, where she held various positions related to animal and public health. To enhance her expertise, she earned an MPH degree from the University of Iowa’s MPH for Practicing Veterinarians program.

Through her career, Dr. Bryant has developed a unique skill set, including expertise in veterinary pathology, infectious and zoonotic diseases, veterinary public health, CDC dog import regulations, international and national animal transportation regulations, and airline live animal transportation policies. She uses her knowledge to educate others as a consultant, presenting at veterinary conferences and webinars, and serving on council and advisory boards.



Dr. Bryant received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and her Master of Public Health degree from the University of Iowa-MPH for Practicing Veterinarians Program.

EXPERTISE: International And Domestic Travel Of Companion Animals, Infectious And Zoonotic Diseases, Veterinary Public Health, Animal Welfare, Veterinary Consulting
EDUCATION: Cornell University
LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia
TITLE: Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine

Websites like Amazon & Etsy have made it easier than ever for new pet product companies to pop up & sell their gear, and it’s hard to tell who makes good stuff & who doesn’t. That’s why we hired a team of expert pet owners to test out & do the fact digging so that you don’t have to. We do this through an extensive testing & writing process.

We do this through an extensive testing & writing process.

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First, we don’t just look at products you can find on Amazon – we look at other retailers and independent stores to make sure we give you a definitive answer on what the best products on the market are.

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Second, we figure out what you & other pet owners are looking for in a product. With hundreds of breeds, various lifestyles, and divergent priorities, everyone has different needs for the products they’re looking for. We made sure to take all of that into.

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Third, we do our research. Even though we’re the experts, we also consider the experiences of thousands of other pet owners that had come before us & used the products out themselves. Our experts’ opinions are important, but yours are too.

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Lastly, we pick our winners. Not every product on the market gets our recommendation. Honestly, most don’t. We don’t sugarcoat our reviews of products that we don’t think you should buy. Our team is adding new reviews every week.

Spots.com is the pet parent’s cheat code. Your pets deserve the best, so we spot the best products for you and provide helpful tips so you can be the best pet parent possible. Click below to read reviews of our favorite products!